Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance testing

Quality Assurance

TrustedQA’s Quality Assurance Services establish plans, processes, standards, and procedures that add value to the project and satisfy the requirements of the project and the organizational policies.


Our Quality Process Improvement methodology incorporates industry best practices by ensuring the tracking and controlling of software changes throughout the entire software development lifecycle are defined, repeatable, and measurable. This is accomplished by our established QA/CM approach which ensures that:

1. All requirements are identified and tested
2. All deliverables are reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and format
3. Baselines and change control procedures are established and enforced
4. Action items are assigned and tracked through final resolution
5. Version control of all software and documents is maintained
6. Deployment records are managed.


  • Implementation and/or Oversight of QA Process/Methods (SEI-CMMI, IEEE, SDLC, RUP, ITIL, etc.)
  • Process Improvement (SEI-CMMI, ITIL, SDLC, IEEE, RUP, etc.)
  • Configuration Management, Change Management, Release Management

      Creation of Processes and Procedures

    • Development to Test “handoff” process
    • Defect Tracking process
    • CM process & CM tool implementation
    • Change Control process
    • Full lifecycle QA process improvement


      Full lifecycle software QA processes and procedures Implementation

    • RUP, Agile/Scrum, TDD, Continuous Integration
    • ISO 9000
    • SEI CMMi
    • Six-Sigma
    • IEEE