FAST CAR Automation Framework

FAST CAR Automation Framework


using Continuous Automated Regression (FAST CAR) Framework

FAST CAR is a proprietary automation framework designed to give the end-user maximum flexibility, regardless of programming experience, to develop an automated regression test suite that look and feel like manual tests. The FAST CAR Framework can be entirely hosted and managed (including the use of TQA’s HP UFT/ALM licenses) via TQA’s test lab environment. If your organization is currently utilizing HP tool licenses, the FAST CAR Framework can be integrated into your environment.

When hosted in the TQA lab, the FAST CAR Framework includes the HP UFT/ALM tools, test environment/infrastructure and our Lead Automation Engineer all at very cost competitive time & materials (T&M) hourly rate.

No commitment on your end needed for HP licensing and infrastructure cost!!

  • Capable of automating at least 50% of web based applications right out of the box
  • Object oriented approach to development requires very little maintenance between releases
  • Object Driven: Drag and drop capability for creating automated tests on-the-fly. Standard web objects such as edit fields, drop down lists, buttons, etc. are already developed and pre-packaged to support any web based application. Simply drag and drop the web objects as steps in a test case as you would navigate the web application.
  • Process Driven: Create test cases as test flows to leverage re-use for other automated test cases.
  • Supports building automated tests very early in the development life cycle
  • Cross Browser/OS/Platform support using VMware infrastructure
  • Achieves quick turn-around in results by executing tests in parallel on several machines
  • Powered by HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QuickTest Pro) integrated with HP Application Lifecycle

This short video demonstrates how simple it is to setup and use FastCar.

See how TrustedQA customers such as the Department of Defense save money, increase productivity, and benefit from more innovative, efficient, and effective use of FAST manpower. Let us build a demo for your system right now at no cost to you.

Please email us today at for more information on TrustedQA’s FAST framework. We look forward to supporting all your testing needs.