Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. I need temporary support to assist in getting my products tested and released on schedule. How can TrustedQA help?

A. TrustedQA has over 30 years of providing temporary staffing solutions to augment your existing staff. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly understand your requirements and quickly identify the most qualified personnel to meet your needs (usually within 24-72 hours).

2. Are TrustedQA staff available on a contract to hire basis? What are some advantages of hiring this way?

A. TrustedQA can provide staffing support on a contract to permanent basis. There are proven benefits for customers that work with TrustedQA on contract to hire. These include the elimination of initial placement fees, and the ability of employee and employer to evaluate position fit prior to joining full time.

Please contact us for details.

3. My internal Human Resources employees are responsible for hiring people – why should I engage with TrustedQA?

A. Highly skilled technical resources today with skills in Agile development, DevOps, Continuous Integration, QA and test automation are in high demand and can be challenging to identify and retain. Often, only relying on careers pages, job posting boards and LinkedIn will not work. Partnering with TrustedQA grants you access to the network we have built over the past 30 years. We are happy to work with your internal staff. For temporary Surge Testing, we are able to get resources started with minimal notice and complete assigned tasks within your time constraints.

4. What differentiates TrustedQA from other IT Consulting and Software Testing Solution providers?

A. Our focus. For over 30 years we have remained dedicated to our area of focus and truly understand the needs and pains of an organization's QA/Test group. We are not an “end all, be all” solutions provider, nor do we claim to be. We focus only on what we do best.

5. Do you provide automated test tool implementation and training?

A. Yes! First, we acknowledge that it is not possible to automate all testing. Success in test automation requires careful planning and design. We can help you create an automation plan that helps you define your goals for automation and identify tests to automate, helping you create automated tests that are reusable and maintainable. With the vast selection of sophisticated open source and COTS products on the market, many that require programming skills and intense effort to master, we can help you evaluate tools that best fit your platforms and technology.

6. Why would I engage with TrustedQA when I can get the same support at a 1/3 of the cost overseas?

A. The initial cost savings of a potential off-shore engagement are hard to ignore. However, we’ve discovered that organizations that are serious about quality and that engage with off-shore solutions typically face a number of challenges, which may include geographic and cultural differences between domestic and offshore teams. And although not all off-shore engagements fail, we often hear from customers about a lack of visibility into day-to-day work, lack of competent leadership and points-of-contact, and system access problems to onshore servers and applications, which leads to unexpected hidden costs. When looking at off-shore pricing holistically, the cost savings, and more importantly, quality, may not be as substantial as what is initially proposed.

7. I need some extra assistance for a project but it’s government work and requires a clearance. Can TrustedQA help?

A. Yes, supplying qualified, cleared, temporary help to government contractors is a significant part of our business.

8. What are your rates?

A. Describe your project/position to us, and allow us to provide an industry competitive rate. If we can’t deliver in a cost-effective manner, we’ll tell you so. Important considerations include:

A successful engagement always starts with clear and concise communication! Contact TrustedQA for an initial discussion to see how we can assist you in delivering secure and defect-free products to the industry.


TQA is truly our “go-to” vendor for immediate staffing needs. We know when we reach out to them, they are able to provide highly qualified staff that can meet both our short and long term program needs. They have been supporting our current contract for over 9 years and have always provided great support.”

Army Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Information Systems

“The TQA technical team has provided support as expected. Their employees are qualified, perform productive work quickly, and have shown a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many come with skills that are difficult to find/fill. We have been extremely happy with the candidates that have come from TrustedQA.”

Air Operation Command Weapons Systems Modernization (AOC WSM) Engineering Manager, Northrop Grumman

“TrustedQA has consistently provided our clinical trials support division with excellent technical staff over the years. They are one of our trusted partners.”

Project Manager, Westat

“TrustedQA continues providing excellent testing resources who quickly exceed expectations in the GCCS-J Agile software development and test environment. Would recommend them to a team looking to augment staff with consistently high quality software testing support staff.”

GCCS-J Deputy Program Manager, Northrop Grumman

“[TrustedQA’s] staff is well trained and capable of addressing customer requirements. Northrop Grumman and the customer are satisfied with [TrustedQA’s] performance.”

AFRL DGS-X Program Manager, Northrop Grumman

“Their approach is really great as they focus on those hybrid outside the box critical thinker testers who can perform all types of testing, hence the word “hybrid” where testers also have a situational approach to testing, not just “checkers” but overall contributors to quality.”

Director of Quality Assurance at The College Board

“TQA is the top performing vendor on my program in terms of responsiveness, quality, attention to detail and following process. We intend to include them on our upcoming recompete of the current contract based on their sustained superior performance.”

Program Manager, GDIT

“Concur continuously uses TrustedQA to source ‘Quality’ candidates. Over the years we’ve been impressed at the personal attention TQA offers us; in particular to understand our business challenges so that only the top talent that meets our needs is sourced.”

Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance at Concur Technologies