Agile & Continuous Integration

Agile & Continuous Integration testing

Agile & Continuous Integration

Agile Development approaches have taken the software industry by storm, and for good reason! When cross-functional teams come together in a collaborative Agile environment, GREAT software can be built.

The adoption of the iterative and incremental development methodology has become wide spread in both government and commercial applications due to lightweight methods which encourage speedy and flexible response to change. The constantly changing technological landscape of today requires an Agile based methodology to be successful in adaptive planning, revolutionary development, and timely delivery of software applications.

No two organizations are the same and therefore no single approach may fit your organizational demands. We have certified staff with expertise in the evaluation, implementation and continuous process improvement of Agile Development approaches. Our Subject Matter Experts are experienced in a variety approaches to fit your organizational needs including Scrum, Kanban, Scumban, eXtreme Programming, etc.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Test-Driven Development

TrustedQA really shines when it comes to the Continuous Integration (CI) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) aspects of Agile Development! Integration of automated testing into the build & deployment process is critical to the success and quality of software being delivered within an Agile Development methodology. Continuous Integration combined with TDD practices act as your quality control mechanism to ensure quality is BUILT into your software while also reducing your time to deliver. We have the engineers available to establish and/or support your CI/TDD framework.