IV&V - Independent Verification and Validation Services

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To help determine whether the software and system will satisfy its intended use and user needs "Are you building the right system?" and whether development products conform to the requirements "Are you building the system right?",  TrustedQA uses established standardized Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessment processes, methods and procedures.

TrustedQA IV&V processes provide an objective assessment of software products and processes throughout the software life cycle in an environment organizationally free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort.

Our IV&V methodology is consistent with the latest systems engineering and process improvement models, and is derived from concepts and standards such as the IEEE Std 1012 - 2004 Standard for Software Verification and Validation, and the process maturity framework developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI CMMI).  IV&V services are performed in parallel with the software development effort. 

The Benefits of our IV&V services include:
  • Early detection and correction of software anomalies.
  • Enhanced management insight into process and product risk.
  • Life cycle process support - to ensure conformance to program performance, schedule, and budget.
  • Early assessment of software and system performance.
  • Objective analysis of software and system conformance to enable support for a given formal certification process.
  • Improved software development and maintenance processes.
  • Process improvement support.

The tasks that we perform for our customers include:

TrustedQA IV&V Services and Support

IV&V Management

- Planning
- Monitoring
- Evaluating results, impact of change
- Milestone Reviews
- Reporting

Quality Assurance Surveillance of Systems Integrator and/or Service Provider
- Evaluate program performance, schedule, and budget
- Ongoing compliance monitoring
- Reporting

Requirements IV&V

- Review of concept documentation
- Criticality Analysis
- Determine Integrity Level
- Traceability analysis
- Software Requirements Evaluation
- Interface Analysis
- Initial Planning for Software System Test
- Reporting

Design IV&V

- Traceability Analysis
- Software Design Evaluation
- Interface Analysis
- Metrics
- Initial Planning for Unit Test
- Initial Planning for Software Integration Test
- Report

Code IV&V

- Traceability Analysis
- Code Evaluation
- Interface Analysis
- Metrics
- Completion of Unit Test Preparation
- Reporting

Unit Test

- Unit Test Execution
- Defect Analysis
- Reporting

Software Integration Test

- Completion of Software Integration Test Preparation
- Execution of Software Integration Tests
- Defect Analysis
- Reporting

Software System Test

- Completion of Software System Test Preparation
- Execution of Software System Tests
- Defect Analysis
- Reporting

Software Installation Test

- Installation Configuration Audit
- Defect Analysis
- Reporting

Customer Tests

- Test Witnessing
- Defect Analysis
- Reporting

Structural Tests

- Document Inspection
- Training Evaluation
- Security (FISMA, IA, C&A)
- Disaster Recovery
- Usability and Section 508 Accessibility
- Compliance (SOX, HSPD-12, etc.)
- Load and Performance

Software Operation and
maintenance IV&V

- Impact-of-Change Analysis
- Repeat Management IV&V
- Repeat Technical IV&V Activities
- IA and Disaster Recovery

TrustedQA Government Services are offered on customer premises or via our test lab facilities located in Reston, Virginia.

TrustedQA is a WOMAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS and meets the small business size standards as defined in the FAR.  Our NAICS codes are:

541330, 541380, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541690, 443120, 519190

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